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Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married by Georgia Beers

Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married by Georgia Beers is a unique enemies-to-lovers romance that will sweep readers away.

All of Aubrey McFadden’s are getting married and she’s been invited to five, yes five, weddings in one year. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to celebrate all of these ceremonies of love?

Aubrey, that’s who.

Of course, she’s going, to all five. She can’t blame her friends because her fiance left her on the day of her wedding a decade ago. She also can’t blame them for her permanent single status. You know who she can blame, Monica Wallace, that’s who.

Their friends say that Monica had a thing for her back in college, not that Aubrey would even acknowledge the tingle that runs up her spine when she thinks that. Monica persuaded her best friend, Cody, to call off the wedding citing that it would be a mistake. Cody called it off and Aubrey has never forgiven them.

Aubrey McFadden is never getting married, but she’ll attend all five weddings, and avoid Monica at every one of them.


Upon reading this title, I immediately thought, “Please Georgia Beers, tell me more.” Upon starting the story, I was immediately drawn into the world that Georgia Beers created and I couldn’t put it down.

Georgia Beers has been a go-to author for me for years. Each time she releases a book I snatch it up and quickly devour it. With Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married, she has crafted a tale that is completely outside the realm of most peoples’ comprehension and made it not only engaging, but authentic. While the themes are heavy, her ability to weave in humor with witty one-liners keeps the story from taking a darker turn. I also appreciated the quick glimpses of businesses and people in the town that Beers has spent the last few years building.


Talk about the accent, speed, level of acting when you review an audiobook. Is it something you will listen to again?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I love the cover of this book! Its dynamic simplicity and amazing title persuaded me to shirk all my adult responsibilities so I could tear through the pages.

The first scene rocked me to my core. It takes place ten years earlier on the day of Aubrey and fiancé, Cody’s nuptials. While Aubrey was receiving a final pampering session from her closest friend Trina, Cody begged for a moment alone and made an unfathomable move. He called off the wedding only minutes before go-time. Not only did he tell Aubrey he wasn’t ready, but he also explained how happy he was that his best friend, Monica helped him realize this would be a mistake. The scene was gut-wrenching and while Aubrey was mad at Cody, she extended her ire towards Monica with such outrage and resentment that she was lucky lasers didn’t shoot from her eyes.

As we fast-forward to the present, Aubrey will soon have to attend five weddings this year. Aubrey despises weddings. Furthermore,  Monica Wallace will be present at each one since, well, they still hang out in the same circles. I found the enemies-to-lovers theme engaging because as Aubrey navigates releasing the decade-long pain, each wedding solidifies that she can’t avoid Monica Wallace.

Aubrey is an extremely likable character who has overcome many obstacles since her wedding 10 years ago. Her circumstances resonate with readers because she doesn’t complain; she keeps her head up, works hard, and does what’s best. She has such wit and likability that I’d enjoy sitting down and having a glass of wine with her.

I liked Monica, even though she is set up as the villain in the story. She navigates Aubrey’s contentiousness with ease and deflects barbs smoothly. We learn about Monica through her interactions and conversations with Aubrey, and as the layers were peeled back, I found myself becoming smitten with her.

Heads Up

None for me.

The Conclusion

Aubrey McFadden Is Never Getting Married is a tale that highlights what a phenomenal author Georgia Beers is. The unique plotline with compelling characters, witty dialogue, realistic exchanges, and powerful themes make this an unforgettable read. The heaviness of the themes is balanced with light humor to keep the story upbeat. It’s a story about acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, and leaning into vulnerability. I highly recommend holding all calls,  grabbing a copy, and settling into your go-to reading spot with your favorite beverage.   

Excerpt from Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married by Georgia Beers

And as soon as she’d said those words, she thought about all the people sitting in the church right now. Waiting. Expecting. There to see her walk down the aisle within the hour. A hundred of them in the church. Two hundred and fifty at the reception later that day. Oh God. It was as if the sheer scope of it all waltzed into the room and sat down in front of her. Waved at her. Smiled. Hi, I’m your worst nightmare come to life.

She shook her head, the humiliation she felt bubbling in her stomach like a sour stew. “How…” She had to clear her throat of the bile that was threatening to make an appearance. “How could you do this?” Her voice came out strained. Choked. But goddamn it, she would not cry in front of this woman. “Because I know it was you. I know he talked to you and you pushed him to do this.”

Monica’s expression was a combination of sympathy and irritation, and for a moment, she looked as though she was going to deny talking to Cody. She began with, “I didn’t—” but then cut herself off. She seemed to rethink, and when she finally said something, her voice was quiet, even if her words weren’t. “I’d think you’d be relieved to not end up married to a man who clearly doesn’t want to be married to you.”

And Aubrey thought, Ladies and gentlemen, Monica Wallace, the very worst version of every ice queen you’ve ever seen in a movie or read about in a book: tall, blond, stunningly beautiful…and fucking brutal in her delivery.

“Now you can move on, find somebody who wants what you want, and not be tied forever to somebody who wants different things out of life.”

Everything within Aubrey was on fire. Her blood. Her heart. Her brain. Her thoughts and emotions and future. All of it. Up in flames. When she focused on Monica’s blue eyes, she hoped she felt it, the heat. The searing pain. The anguish. She only had four more words for this woman, and she spat them in disgust.

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ISBN number: 978-1636796130

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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